Cheryl Jackson Oddphotog

Photography – macabre and beautiful all at once!

If you think that macabre can be beautiful, too, please view my photographic adventures – all that are cemeteries, graveyards, creepy dolls and abandonment / urban exploration. Of these various explorations, I am most drawn to the exploration of cemeteries and graveyards – they are full of history, amazing art, mystery, and stories. Stories of individuals and communities of those who are laid to rest there. My cemetery explorations have evolved from wanting to get that most creative photo, to also just documenting unique finds and doing research on those that I visit. 

As a graphic designer and production artist by profession, my true love has always and forever been photography – since I was a child. I started out with 126 and 110 Instamatics, taking photos of almost everything – family, friends, local parades, vacations, nature... and more. I thank my father, my mother and my big brother for this love and appreciation of capturing a moment forever in time. I love all photography – nature, landscapes, travel, people, photojournalism, documentary, conceptual, architecture, abstract, and the list can go on...

Please follow me as I focus on an odd, unique, sometimes eyebrow raising  journey with my camera – I often get “you take pictures of what...?” Always aiming for that perfectly composed shot that gets great feedback, but maybe just a quick snap of a place that I visited that I want to share. At Cheryl Jackson Oddphotog, I focus on my most recent projects – cemeteries, dolls (that creep you out) and abandonment/urban exploring. One of the most common comments I get when someone has visited this site, is that they love it – because it's different.

I want to thank my husband, who reluctantly takes me on some of my journeys, but does it because he knows I love it. And my son and daughter, who just think I am nuts, but have also accompanied me on some photographic travels. They all put up with my explorations, me running out with my camera at the sight of fog first thing in the morning, and my great excitement of visiting cemeteries. My son once said, “You are going to another cemetery, again? You are going to end up there eventually.” I said, “So bury me with my camera!”

Please visit my website often, as I will share my cemetery journeys with you, and update it as I go on my photo quests. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my oddphotog experiences.