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Photography – macabre and beautiful all at once!

If you think that macabre can be beautiful, too, please view my photographic adventures – all that are cemeteries, graveyards, creepy dolls and abandonment / urban exploration. Of these various explorations, I am most drawn to the exploration of cemeteries and graveyards – they are full of history, amazing art, mystery, and stories. Stories of individuals and communities of those who are laid to rest there. My cemetery explorations have evolved from wanting to get that most creative photo, to also just documenting unique finds and doing research on those that I visit. 

Please Also Visit These Sites

Wise Owl Workshops
Educational, fun and informative workshops for adults, teens and children – many related to the study of gravestones – which I have personally attended!  Please visit their website above, and attend a workshop near you!  


Visit Curious Goods in New Hope, PA

A unique shop located on W. Ferry Street
Please visit Curious Goods on Facebook at "Curious Goods of New Hope"


Bill Waters Haiku
Bill is a friend and colleague who had chosen some of my photos to write his haiku.
To me reading his work gives me a feeling of peace and is thought provoking. And they often bring on a smile. Please visit his page often, and also view his January 14, 2015 post featuring one of my photos. Here is another:

cankered headstone
and the pure snow
tucked around it

Bill Waters, Poet      Cheryl Jackson, Photographer

Bill Waters, Poet      Cheryl Jackson, Photographer


Tear Drop Memories
Visit Tear Drop Memories in New Hope, PA or visit online!
Visit this shop's myriad of mourning mementos and mysteries. A store of the odd and the curious – aside from mourning mementos, check out it's taxidermy, abundant types of skulls, vintage medical equipment, postcards, antique bird cages, toys and much more! I thank Tear Drop Memories for their cooperation in helping me build my portfolio as seen in many of my photos on my Twisted Visions page!